A Business Executive Pursues Her Quest for a Healthier Neighborhood

Cindy VerColen was looking for a change. After a highly successful career as a C-level executive, she was ready for a new start and a different type of challenge. Cindy was intrigued by the idea of starting her own business and the freedom it could bring. The idea of creating an ambitious team and making an impact on her community was the driver for looking into new opportunities.

Cindy enlisted the help of the FranCoach team to embark on her new endeavor. Cindy’s diverse skill set and talents meant there were several potential paths. After connecting with a few very different looking franchise options, one clear winner emerged. Building a team of her own, making a difference in her community, and promoting a healthy lifestyle were the three main traits that led Cindy to ultimately match with CleanEatz.  

CleanEatz is a healthy food café that also offers meal plans, and catering. Unlike their fast-food competitors, CleanEatz prides itself on using wholesome ingredients that are both flavorful and nutritious. It provides healthy meals at a great price that can meet the needs of everyone, from single dieters to families trying to eat better together.

Cindy’s vision is for CleanEatz to deliver quality meals, excellent customer service, and positively impact her local community. Cindy will be opening her first location towards the end of 2021 in the Boston area.

Please join us in congratulating Cindy and CleanEatz on this great new partnership.


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