Banking Exec Launches Money Pages Franchise in Virginia

Adam Kline had a long, successful career in the banking industry climbing the corporate ladder all the way to a Vice President role.  Unfortunately, as often happens, when a company's bottom line suffers, employee reductions follow. Adam’s position as VP was affected which triggered a career search.

That search led to FranCoach.  Adam liked the idea of business ownership but had never taken a deep dive into what was available…until now. 

Adam readily embraced the FranCoach Discovery Process and embarked on vetting three franchisors.  Initially, all three had the potential to be a great fit, even though none were in the banking or financial services industry.  The process continued until it slowly became clear which option best combined Adam's skill set and core values. Attending Discovery Day at the franchisors’ headquarters solidified that the right franchise for Adam was Money Pages.  

Money Pages is a multi-media marketing agency giving a multi-billion dollar a year industry a much-needed fresh approach. Money Pages offers a GQ inspired; high end magazine that helps local business leaders maximize their businesses.  In addition to the magazine, Money Pages offers a full-suite of advertising and marketing services to their clients making them truly a one-stop shop.

Money Pages was a great fit for Adam as it allowed him to continue working with local business owners as a trusted advisor, just as he did in his banking career.  Furthermore, the amazing culture and values of the entire Money Pages franchise team solidified that this was a perfect match. 

To fund his new franchise, Adam used FranCoach funding partner Benetrends Financial.  Adam chose the very popular option of a retirement roll-over or a "ROBS" program

Adam recently completed his new owner training program and is officially open for business in the Winchester, Virginia market.  In fact, Adam obtained his first client within hours of opening.  

Please join us in congratulating Adam and the Money Pages team on this partnership.

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