Career Search Frustration Part 2: Transferable Skills

In our second part of our 3-part series on career search frustration, we'll focus on the frustrations, roadblocks and pitfalls of the circus that is the corporate hiring process. If you find your head nodding up and down as you read any of these articles, perhaps it's time to set up an introductory conversation with FranCoach to see how we can help.

Getting Your Resume in Front of Human Eyes

With each passing year it seems the career search process becomes more and more painful for the job seeker. The advent of technology has reduced even the most successful professional to nothing more than a few keywords. The screening software programs essentially only allow a resume through to a human if the words on the resume exactly match the words on the job description. This means that even if your background is a great fit for the job, you might still never get your resume in front of a human, let alone have a good ole' fashioned conversation with one, all because of an unmatched keyword.

Application after application, this scenario plays out until finally someone wants to talk to you. The job looks like it might be the one, and of course, you nail the interview. So, the job offer isn't that far behind. Right? A few days later, the phone rings and you're certain it's the offer. Instead, you're told that the company has hired someone else. What's the reason? You have too much experience and/or are over-qualified.

So now what? You realize you were tired of that industry anyway, and perhaps it's time for a change. You start focusing your search efforts in other industries, ones that you've always had interest in and allow you to transfer your skills into. Or, so you think.

After submitting your resume into the black hole of HR software, you again get a human to show interest, and continue on to nail the interview. The optimism is high despite your last experience, but then the call comes. The company has chosen to hire someone else... again! What's the reason? You don't have enough experience in the specific industry.

Franchising Doesn't Require Specific Industry Experience

We find that most of our clients have gone through this experience many times before. The original industry in which they've worked for so long no longer values or appreciates their successful experiences, and the new industries just don't understand how their skillset can transfer over, leaving many people at a major career crossroads.

The frustration from people who have heard this is palpable. Some, at this point, have had enough and seek another route for the chance to be in control of their career and life through franchise ownership. Unlike the corporate world, franchises are looking for talent, not a certain number of years of experience in a specific industry.

This is where FranCoach can help. We work with clients to determine their ideal owner role, business model, and key intangibles and then match them with the franchise that looks for an owner just like them.If it's time for you to hop off the corporate carousel, then let’s set up a brief conversation to see if this is the time to explore franchise ownership. Specific industry experience not required.





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