College Basketball Coach Set to Build a New Team

Brent Bargen spent 25 years in the fast-paced and ultra-competitive world of college basketball.  When Brent was ready for a change he came to FranCoach to help determine what was next.

Brent quickly realized that his years of leadership, coaching, team building, and fostering relationships in the community transferred perfectly to business ownership.  Then it was just a simple matter of finding the right match.


FranCoach Helps Find the Perfect Franchise For You!

The match for Brent was Handyman Connection.  Brent loved the training and support Handyman Connection had for their owners and he saw the overwhelming need for these services done at a high-quality level.  Handyman Connection focuses on owners who can lead a team, build relationships in the community, and has the drive to succeed at a high level.  This made Brent an ideal owner for them and a great match for both.

Brent will be opening in Lincoln, NE next month and we wish him the best of luck for a long and successful career as an owner.


How FranCoach Can Help You

Are you ready for the next step? Not sure how to get started in the world of franchises? Let FranCoach take you through our step by step process where we get you from day one to opening day. Contact us today.




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