Former Bank Executive to Launch FocalPoint Franchise in Florida

Pam Hargis had spent her entire corporate career working for the same employer – Bank of America. Her talent and drive to succeed quickly led her up the ladder to the executive level. Holding numerous positions within the bank, it was clear she was an invaluable asset to the bank's success. However, as happens far too often, Pam found out the hard way that no corporate employee is more important than the company's bottom line. When Bank of America started downsizing again in the Fall, Pam was a victim. 

A New Career Path

For the first time ever, Pam was in search for a new career path, which led her to FranCoach. Pam had been running major parts of the business while at Bank of America, so the skill set to be her own boss was clearly there. Pam and FranCoach worked diligently to determine what her ideal owner role and business model would be, and she took a close look at three franchises. While they all seemed to be good potential fits, the clear choice ended up being FocalPoint.

Choosing a Franchise

The FocalPoint franchise is the leader in business performance coaching. Pam's natural leadership and managerial skillset and passion for training and development fell in line with FocalPoint's mission to boost the performance of businesses through coaching, teaching, and innovative business strategies.

Pam is set to begin training with FocalPoint and launch her business in the Orlando, FL area in the first quarter. A huge congratulations to Pam and FocalPoint. 

Is a Franchise Right for You?

Have you found yourself looking for a new career path? Do you want to make the leap and become your own boss? Discover how FranCoach can help you find the perfect franchisor. Contact us today for a free consultation, and take your career to the next level.




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