Former Corporate Exec Finally Lands a Job He Loves…as a Franchise Owner!

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George Council is a Naval Academy graduate, a Marine Veteran, and worked 20+ years as a senior executive in the corporate world, the last 15 years of which as a Vice President. George was extraordinarily successful throughout this time but never once had a job that he truly loved.

When he found himself in the middle of a job search in the middle of a pandemic, George decided to explore what it might be like to have his own business. That exploration led George to FranCoach.

At the beginning, George admittedly thought there might be a "10% chance" that these conversations would lead to anything, but he remained open. When the FranCoach team introduced George to the franchise options, the excitement picked up greatly for three out of the four franchises that were presented to him.

Despite the doubts about one of the four franchise options, George began the process with all of them. Then, after the second call, a funny thing happened. The franchise that George liked the least at the beginning, suddenly became George's favorite option. That franchise is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives specializes in the design, installation, and service of landscape and architectural lighting systems for both commercial and residential customers

One of the biggest contributors to George reaching this decision was what the FranCoach team calls the “get out of bed test”. George was able to envision himself as an owner and he saw all the things he would be doing, the people he would be around, and the conversations he would have and that created the clarity needed. And best of all, George can finally have a “job” that he absolutely loves.

The cultural match with George and the entire team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives could not have been any better. The pre-training for George has already begun and he will officially open the doors to his Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Montgomery County, PA later this year.

We want to congratulate George and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives on this fantastic new partnership and wish them the best of luck!

Learn more about George's journey to Franchise Ownership by listening to the Franchising 101 Podcast. George was a guest on our new segment “In Their Words” that focuses on highlighting new franchise owners. Thanks for being our guest George!  

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