Former Corporate Executive Becomes New Franchise Owner

Kevin Sturm was at a crossroads.  A distinguished career as an Army officer preceded decades of corporate executive leadership.  In spite of all this success, Kevin's current job was about to end when he first connected with FranCoach.

The search for a new position worthy of his background led to many dead ends.  The thought of business ownership had appealed to Kevin, but his career success never gave him the time to fully explore this.  Perhaps now was the time to learn more.

Kevin ventured down the FranCoach Discovery Process with cautious openness.  The farther along in the process he got, the clearer his path became.  "The contrast between the process that I was following to search for a job and the franchise discovery process was stark and helped make the difficult decision much easier," Kevin shared.  Being connected with three franchisors that were "tremendous opportunities, each of which I would have felt comfortable owning and would have met a need that I voiced" initially made the task of finding the perfect match feel daunting.   

As Kevin neared the end of the Discovery Process, a clear fit was identified from the three original options.  The last step was meeting the entire franchisor team at their Discovery Day.  This visit completely solidified the match in Kevin's eyes and the franchisors’, allowing Kevin to confidently make the transition to franchise owner for FocalPoint.

FocalPoint, the leader in the business performance coaching, features a mission to boost the performance of businesses by coaching and teaching proven and innovative business strategies and tactics directly to business owners or key leaders.  The business model and core values of FocalPoint and its team were in alignment with Kevin's values and skill sets, as well as the ability to lead change in other businesses and build a strong peer network in the community and within his own business.

Kevin finalized the franchise search process with Guidant Financial’s ROBS program, which allowed Kevin to reallocate his own wealth to fund the new franchise.

Kevin is completing training this month and will be launching his new business in Northern Virginia at the beginning of the year.  Congratulations to Kevin and FocalPoint on this outstanding new partnership.

Available Funding Options

If you think you don’t have enough money to own a franchise, think again. Guidant Financial can help you discover the different types of funding options that are available to you.  Watch the latest webinar to learn more.




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