Franchise Professional Finds One to Call Her Own

Dana Wright has spent the past ten years in the franchising industry in numerous roles.  She planned on continuing this career but was looking for ways in which she could create additional income streams.  Prior to franchising, Dana spent several years in commercial real estate and her passion for real estate never waned.

One idea Dana had for additional revenue streams was to flip houses and build a portfolio of rental properties.  Though it is possible to do this on your own, the prospects to do so while working full time and raising a family seemed daunting.  What Dana needed was some help making this dream a reality.

That is when the team at FranCoach stepped in.  FranCoach is partnered with the largest company in the world that buys, sells, and provides a pathway to rental properties.  The FranCoach team quickly connected Dana with HomeVestors (commonly known as We Buy Ugly Houses). 

HomeVestors has 20+ years experience helping their franchise owners become successful real estate masters.  HomeVestors has an incredible lead generation machine in addition to having all the required vendor partners one would need to make a career in real estate flipping and managing rental properties a reality. 

It did not take Dana long to realize HomeVestors was her perfect match.  In spite of her years in franchising, Dana had this to say about working with FranCoach, "the FranCoach team was able to help me learn new things and navigate the franchise vetting process from the other side. Their service was invaluable to me even as a franchising veteran so I can see how it would be a great resource for those looking at the franchise industry for the first time."

Dana officially launched her HomeVestors franchise in the Tampa, FL area on October 1st and is already working with clients. 

Please join us in wishing Dana the best of luck and congratulations to her and  HomeVestors on this fantastic match!

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