Franchisor Spotlight: PuroClean

The March Franchisor Spotlight shines on PuroClean. PuroClean has been a leader in the emergency services industry for over 30 years, and the Director of Franchise Development Clay McKee sat down with us to discuss the PuroClean model.

Tell us about PuroClean

PuroClean is a leader in the emergency services industry. We handle such things as water mitigation, fire restoration, mold abatement, bio-hazard clean up and many other ancillary services. Essentially what PuroClean does is help families and businesses be able to overcome the setbacks from these issues. The majority of the services we provide are paid by insurance. This means our business is not affected by a down economy and it is truly a recession proof industry. It is also a very high revenue/high margin opportunity.

What are the key differentiators PuroClean brings to the table?

One of our key differentiators is our National Accounts. We have partnerships with AllState and Liberty Mutual insurance companies, which are the second and third largest insurance companies in the world. PuroClean does the work on roughly 20% of all of their claims.

We have an entire business development department that works on behalf of the franchisees to help build national accounts for them to utilize in their local community. These national accounts include several other insurance companies. PuroClean is also partnered with numerous commercial accounts. Businesses like Cushman & Wakefield, who is the largest commercial property management company in the country. We work with hotel chains like In-Town Suites and the entire Choice Hotels brand.

We also work with retail giants like CVS, JCPenny’s, Kohls, PetSmart, and Sun Trust Bank. In addition to the big retail partners, we have a constantly growing list of small to medium sized national accounts. Thanks to our business development team we are constantly adding on to this list so we can assist owners and enhance the large part of the business the owners bring in with residential work.

Another differentiator is the large territories we provide. We give our owners a minimum territory of at least 250K population. This is one of the largest in the industry. The tenure of the franchise and the large umbrella of different services owners can provide allow our owners to handle most everything the insurance companies and other national accounts send over.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the culture that has been created at PuroClean. Over the last five years this culture has changed significantly, starting with the executive team and then has extended out to the owners. Steve White, COO/President of PuroClean, came on board in 2013, bringing an extensive background in franchising after spending years at Dominos. Steve is also an Army veteran and has implemented a culture that is all about servant leadership and active collaboration and one in which franchise owners come first and foremost.

What do you look for in an owner?

There is no real specific background that our successful owners come from. Our last three Franchisees of the Year all have very different backgrounds and skill sets. The common theme for owners is that we are looking for the enterprise builder. PuroClean is not for someone looking to buy a job as we are not the “Chuck in the Truck” type of operation.

We are looking for individuals who to eventually become the least important person in the business. We want someone who wants to be the CEO of that business and hire people to run the day to day activities. We also look for those who understand the importance of following a proven system, being in a recession-proof service-based business that truly helps people in the community, a business that you as the owner can feel really good about, and one that can be very lucrative.

Is there anything else you want people to know about PuroClean?

Our facility is located in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inside, we have a $1.2 M flood facility - one of only 27 in the world. From this facility we are able to conduct all the IICRC training required to process insurance claims. We have a training program in which we flood this facility with 30,000 gallons of water and owners will step in to that water and treat it as a real-life claim. So, we are literally and figuratively getting the new owners’ feet wet the first day they walk into the training facility.

Wow! That has to be an incredible experience.

When people first see the water seeping in through the floorboards and into the crawlspaces, they are amazed and wonder “How do you get all of this out of here?” It is a real testament to the equipment that is used and the technology that is behind it. There is an entire methodology that goes into how to be able to mitigate damage and how to use the software that will tell you where to focus the equipment and machines for this process. We just recently hosted a big event to commemorate our 100th flood.

In addition to the in-person training, we have a team that will walk owners through a "Quick Start" program weeks prior to arriving in Florida. This program is designed to help prepare new owners on all aspects of running a business. This will be restoration-related as well as general knowledge on how to run a business.

Once training is complete, owners always have access to PuroClean's support team. This team has a diverse background, including those with prior restoration experience, insurance adjusters, individuals who have touched all facets of franchising.

Finally, and this goes back to our company culture. We are very pro-military. Our "PuroVet" program has received numerous accolades over the years and is a key reason PuroClean was named to Military Times’ Best Franchise list. In November of 2018, PuroClean announced the winner of their first-ever “PuroVet Free Franchisee Giveaway.”

PuroClean also offers one of the largest discounts off of the franchise fee for current or former members of the military in addition to negotiated savings with several vendors.

Thanks for all of this great information, Clay!

PuroClean Facts

  • First franchised: 1987
  • Number of units: 270
  • Franchise headquarters: Tamarac, FL
  • Total Investment: $175K*

*To learn more about total investments and franchise funding options, check out our Funding page.

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