May the ‘Force’ Be With You…

Congratulations to Matt Smyth as he is now the new owner of Garage Force of Scottsdale (AZ). Matt spent nearly two decades in the restaurant world but after that industry was decimated by the pandemic, he took it upon himself to explore franchise options.


Matt worked with the FranCoach team to determine what type of franchise would be the best fit for him and after vetting franchise options, including one in the food industry, the clear choice for Matt was Garage Force.


Garage Force is the leader in floor coating systems that can be used on most any surface including garages, patios, and industrial surfaces. It is a low investment, low overheard, and high-margin franchise that taps into both residential and commercial customers.


Matt loved Garage Force because it offered him the chance to be a part of the booming home service industry with a unique and high-quality product while building a big business for himself and his family. Matt is set to open his business in the spring and will serve the Scottsdale and surrounding areas.


Congratulations to Matt and Garage Force!


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