Menchies Frozen Yogurt Comes to Atlanta in 2020

Andrea Cuartas came to FranCoach with the hopes of finding a business to own. Andrea was transitioning into a new corporate gig after 13+ years with her previous company. The transition was the driving force to find additional revenue streams so her life wouldn’t be so dependent on the whims of any employer.

Andrea and FranCoach worked for months vetting out several franchises. The franchise that was of most interest at the beginning of the Discovery Process was ultimately the one Andrea came back to at the end. For Andrea, the need for a semi-absentee model that offered a turn-key approach, scalability, and product she was passionate about created a clear best fit. That best fit was Menchies Frozen Yogurt.

Menchies was already a favorite of Andrea and her husband Felipe. When they learned about the business model Andrea and Felipe were even more impressed. As an added bonus, there was a successful Menchies location for sale in their area. Andrea and Felipe ultimately agreed to purchase this existing store as well as the rights to open a second location.

The Cuartas are now the proud owners of the Menchies location in Warner Robins, Georgia with plans on opening a second location in the Atlanta metro area in 2020. Congrats to Andrea and Felipe and if you are ever in Warner Robins stop in for a sweet treat!



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