One Owner, Two New Franchises Coming to Southern Illinois

Before the age of 30, Denton Reed had already created a successful corporate career and built a substantial real estate portfolio, but he wanted more. The 'more' he desired was business ownership. Denton began researching franchise ownership and found the Franchising 101 Podcast. Eager to learn more, Denton scheduled a call with the FranCoach team.


Even before the first call, Denton had listened to the majority of the Franchising 101 Podcast episodes which include features on numerous franchise partners, and found one he was very excited about. Careful not to miss out on anything, Denton and the FranCoach team went through the assessment process and began vetting 4 franchises, including the one he heard about on the podcast.


After speaking with each franchise once, Denton had his first Update Call with his Coach and had one question in mind, "Can I start two of them at the same time?". The answer was "yes" though this is a rare occurrence. As the process continued, the question remained. And in the end, the rare occurrence happened. Two of the four were perfect matches for Denton and he signed franchise agreements with both.


Before doing so, Denton worked with the FranCoach team to outline how this would work from a personnel standpoint, timeline, and finances. Once all areas were finalized, he was ready to be a multi-brand franchise owner.


The two franchises Denton now owns are Grounds Guys and Senior Helpers.


The Grounds Guys was the brand he originally targeted, and they provide commercial, residential, and municipal property maintenance and landscaping services; snow removal services; junk, trash, and debris removal; landscape design; horticultural services, namely, sod installation, lawn, and vegetation fertilization and treatment; and other related services and products.


Senior Helpers is the leading franchise in the booming in-home care industry. Senior Helpers offers a full spectrum of services for their clients with a culture of caring and compassion. Denton's sister will be actively involved in the day-to-day of Senior Helpers and his brother will be working with the Grounds Guys once he is out of the Navy so not only is Denton building an empire for himself but also for his family.


Both businesses will be launched early in 2022 in and around the Collinsville, IL area. Please join us in congratulating Denton and wishing him and his family the best of luck with their new businesses!


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