Outdoor Loving Veteran Becomes Owner of The Grounds Guys

Alan Moreno was tired of working for others and was ready to control his life through business ownership. As an Army veteran and someone who had built his own real estate portfolio while working a 9-5 gig, Alan was no stranger to hard work and well aware of the importance of following a plan.


Franchise ownership had been on Alan's mind for a while before he connected with the FranCoach team. The FranCoach process easily identified Alan's strengths, goals, and long-term vision. This allowed Alan's Coach to connect him with three potential matches.


Each of the three had their merits in Alan's eyes but as the process continued, one franchise became the best match. That franchise was The Grounds Guys.


The Grounds Guys provide commercial, residential, and municipal property maintenance and landscaping services; snow removal services (depending on location); junk, trash, and debris removal; landscape design; horticultural services, namely, sod installation, lawn, and vegetation fertilization and treatment; and other related services and products.


Alan loved the incredible amount of support from the franchisor and their parent company - Neighborly. He also really connected with their focus on a quality service that builds long-term relationships as well as Alan's love for the outdoors.


Alan will be opening his business in the Salt Lake City area later this year. Congrats to Alan and his wife Olga on their new business!


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