Senior Helpers Finds Outstanding New Owner in Boston

After 20 years of highly successful corporate leadership in the computer science and information technology world, Sravanthi Sareedy was ready for a new challenge. Determined to escape the corporate world for good and to start her own business, Sravanthi connected with FranCoach to discuss her options.

Sravanthi worked with FranCoach to paint a picture of her ideal owner role and business model.  As this picture became clearer and clearer, several potential franchise options surfaced as possible matches. Sravanthi then went through the Discovery Process and executed it perfectly, allowing her to find the perfect franchise match – Senior Helpers.

Who is Senior Helpers?

Senior Helpers is a highly-acclaimed provider of in-home care for seniors with over 300 locations across the country. The caring culture, kind staff, and the incredible infrastructure of Senior Helpers aligned well with Sravanthi's goal of having a "standing ovation customers" and being able to truly make a difference in the community.

Sravanthi is set to open the doors of her new business in the Boston area this Fall. Congratulations to her and Senior Helpers from all of us at FranCoach!

Interested in having a similar journey?

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