2020 - A Year Like No Other

If we all had a dollar for the number of times someone said "2020 was a year like no other" or some version of that, we would all be rich beyond our wildest dreams. But unfortunately, that is not how it works.


Yes, 2020 was a year unlike any other. Despite all the chaos, there were some positives that came from it. A renewed appreciation for what we do have in our lives and a focus on what is profoundly important, things like our family, friends, and time together.


Yes, it is also true that some people have taken the negatives of 2020 to stand still rather than move forward. Many people, however, especially towards the end of the year, took the pandemic as a wake-up call and decided to take control of their professional lives.


This is why when people ask, "is now a good time to start a business?" I can confidently say that I do not know if there has ever been a better time.


In fact, FranCoach had NINE clients sign franchise agreements in Q4 alone with three more set to do so in the first few weeks of 2021.


Check out some of their stories below and ask yourself…are their backgrounds and situations much different than yours?


My guess is that they are remarkably similar to yours. So, what is holding you back? If you have ever wanted to work for yourself rather than others, perhaps now is the time to make that a reality.


The FranCoach team is here to help. I challenge you to begin the new year looking ahead towards a better life, one in which you are truly in charge.


If this sounds good, then we encourage you to schedule a call with the FranCoach team today so you can take that first step towards YOUR BETTER TOMORROW!



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